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23 June, 2022

Arbitrum Odyssey: Get a Chance to Win Exclusive NFTs

Onboard ETH on Arbitrum blockchain using Banxa from June 20 through to June 27, 2022, and get an opportunity to win Arbitrum-exclusive NFTs designed by crypto artists.

On June 20, Arbitrum is kicking off an 8-week initiative, called Arbitrum Odyssey, which awards participants with free-to-mint NFTs. Short for “non-fungible tokens”, NFTs represent ownership of a digital asset, such as digital art and collectibles, and are usually stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Developed by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum is a Layer 2 optimistic rollup scaling solution for Ethereum. The idea behind the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign, which is run in collaboration with Project Galaxy, is to encourage users to explore and interact with various projects/dApps on Arbitrum. And for that, they get rewarded with some exclusive NFTs, designed by crypto artists Ratwell and Sugoi. This time, users will be able to interact with 14 different projects on the Arbitrum network, such as TofuNFT, Uniswap, and Ideamarket among others, which are part of this campaign. 

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All customers who onboard ETH on Arbitrum blockchain using Banxa, via, between 00:00 UTC June 20 and 00:00 UTC June 27, will automatically embark on this odyssey, and be eligible for Arbitrum-issued NFTs. 

After the onboarding week, Arbitrum – together with those 14 projects’ teams, crypto artists, and Project Galaxy – will decide on the next steps and actions participants will need to take over the 8-week campaign. 
Embark on this exciting odyssey!