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Banxa is the leading global Web3 on-and-off ramp solution.

Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution.

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Local payments, higher conversions, more customers

Banxa offers more global and local payment options than any other on-and-off-ramp solution resulting in conversion rates up to three times higher than credit card only solutions.

Our global local approach

Onboard global audiences

With our extensive network of local payment solutions paired with the associated crypto licences, Banxa provides you with access to the largest audience that drives the highest conversion rates.

A two way street

The leading fiat to crypto on and off-ramp

Onboard global audiences at scale to your project with all major chains supported. Banxa is the only platform to enable global off-ramping of stablecoins via its global network of local bank transfers.

A seamless NFT experience

NFT Checkout that accepts more than just credit cards

Banxa’s Fiat-to-NFT service enables customers to easily purchase NFTs directly via our global network of payment options. We handle the fiat payments and compliance side of the journey and your customers receive full non-custodial ownership of their NFTs without a crypto intermediary.

Banxa Atomic Hub
Corporate Onboarding

Unlock access to the top end of the market

Banxa is the only global on-and-off ramp that allows your corporate customers to register and make purchases directly using Banxa, enabling substantial single transactions from enterprises, businesses and trusts.

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