Welcome, StarkEx Builders!

Try our integration

Get access to our sandbox environment without any hurdles.

StarkEx x Banxa inclusions:


On and off-ramp to your StarkEx instance

Banxa fees

1.5% + gas fees (for the end user) for the first month

Revenue sharing

0.25 % Revenue sharing option available

Payment methods

All global and local payment methods

Assets supported

ETH + Stablecoins

Integrated costs

Zero integration costs (typically $30k)

Native token support + Liquidity fee

Contact us via our discord support channel to discuss

Chain support


Marketing support

2 x tweets at launch inclusive of marketing onboarding discussion

What you get with the Banxa Sandbox:

  • Sandbox credentials, API documents and everything you need to get the integration going
  • Test our check-out flow with over 30 fiat currencies, including USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD
  • Cryptocurrencies supported:  ETH, USDC and USDT
  • Chains Supported: StarkEx
  • In-built KYC user experience
  • Test our different payment method flows, including Credit/Debit cards and local Bank Transfers such as Interac (CAD), FasterPayment (GBP), SEPA (EUR), PayID (AUD)
  • Access to Discord group channel

What is StarkEx?

StarkEx is A Layer-2 scalability engine running on top of Ethereum mainnet.

dApps can build on the StarkEx service, which supports a range of use cases out of the box: NFT minting & trading, derivative trading, AMM, spot trading, payments, and DeFi Pooling.

StarkEx instances have been live on Ethereum since June 2020, and has already scaled 100Ms of transactions.