Banxa is internationally compliant, following industry-leading compliance processes and procedures.

Simple solutions for complex needs

Businesses in the cryptocurrency industry are bound to complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements. Staying compliant means constant maintenance, frequent updates and developing new capabilities to meet local and international legislation.

The team you need

The team behind Banxa have run fiat-to-crypto exchanges in multiple countries for more than six years. Along the way, we’ve developed and improved our fraud-prevention systems, ensuring that we give our customers a simple and secure user experience.

What's coming next

The January 2020 implementation deadline for the EU’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 5) is fast approaching. The directive will mean new requirements for businesses of all sorts throughout the continent, and particularly those in the cryptocurrency sector. Key changes include prohibiting anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, including through anonymous bank accounts and safe deposit boxes. At Banxa, we’re working to make sure our European clients meet the requirements of AMLD 5, without disrupting business as usual. Contact us to find out more about AMLD 5 and what it means for your business.

Global reach, local knowledge


We cover Know Your Customer requirements in up to 180 countries.


We handle all Anti-Money Laundering requirements through our platform.

ongoing monitoring

Our annual audits ensure we’re compliant in every country we operate in.


We’ve developed advanced fraud detection systems to keep you and your customers safe.


Years of first-hand experience have allowed us to develop sophisticated risk-profiling capabilities within our team.


Our extensive risk-management strategy is designed to keep your customers safe and your business operational.


Our fraud detection systems and qualified team make sure your businesses never loses out through chargebacks.

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