Every Lost Customer is Lost Revenue

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Conversion is King

It’s not 2018 anymore – consumers have unlimited choices when it comes to buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency. As a digital asset business (DAB) you need to maximise your opportunities – 62% of customers who have a failed order don’t try a service again. Every lost customer is therefore lost revenue.

Conversion matters. If 100 customers attempt to place an order on your platform and only 30 complete it, how many of the other customers do you lose? What is the revenue downside?

As a business that cares for your customers, why offer them a substandard experience when it comes to bringing new funds onto your platform?

Banxa powers the world’s largest digital asset platforms by providing payments infrastructure and regulatory compliance across global markets.

At Banxa, we build to convert. We are the best in the business. We guarantee that within 6 months, we’ll have the highest conversion of any of your payment channels.

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How does Banxa solve problems? 

Our Chairman, Domenic Carosa, explains how Banxa helps its partners with compliance, regulation, payments and customer support. Banxa wants to work with your business to solve the problem of lost conversion. Our diverse payment options and global compliance record with easy platform integration will elevate your business for your clients. To gain a better understanding of every lost customer’s effect on your overall revenue, fill out the form below and you will receive our whitepaper by email.

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