Global crypto-trading platform.

The tremendous demand worldwide in cryptocurrencies calls for improved and streamlined processes to buy crypto. We’re always working hard to cooperate with the best partners to provide high-quality services to our users. Banxa is offering many features to ease the trading process and improve the services offered by STEX.


Multiple choice of payment methods
Global crypto-trading platform
Variety of coins and trading pairs

How we work

About STEX

STEX is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell and invest digital currencies from one fast, and convenient platform at low competitive rates. Users can choose from more than 400+ trading pairs, purchase crypto with credit or bank cards, and exchange fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat with a few swipes on their mobile device.

Features that ease the trading process

Multiple choice eases tradings. STEX collaborates with Banxa to provide customers with high-quality cryptocurrencies exchange solutions. The variety of payment methods allows customers to choose the most suitable currencies to convert way.

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