Drive growth with Native Payments

Take charge of the entire user’s crypto payment journey without the complexity and cost of running your own payments function.

The Problem Web3 Platforms Face Today

Running your own payments function requires experience, resources and money:

  • Conversion optimisation
  • Fraud protection
  • Chargeback fees
  • Setting up local entities in multiple countries
  • Acquiring multiple licenses

Standard onramps help you avoid these costs and complexity, but:

  • Are more expensive for your users
  • Require multiple KYC
  • Offer poorer user experience
  • Lack of control as user are passed to a third-party
  • Have a poor conversion


The average onramp makes its users navigate through 25+ separate steps to deposit funds to your exchange.

Introducing Banxa Native Payments

We’ve simplified the checkout process down to three easy steps, and the best part is, it’s all done on your site, using your branding, so the process is more streamlined than ever.
The customer enters the amount and select the payment method & crypto they’d like to purchase.
If the user has completed KYC on your platform, you simply share their personal details with us via API and your user proceeds to complete the payment.
Banxa receives the payment from your customer, converts it to crypto and settles to the nominated wallet address.
Entire payment process completed on your site

Fast and Frictionless

Banxa’s Native Payments will supercharge your growth and delight your customers by
allowing them to fund their accounts in 3 simple steps – all without building your own
payments and fraud infrastructure
No Redirects to 3rd Parties
Avoids Multiple KYC
Flexible Payment Method Pricing
Easy To Implement

Driving growth without driving costs

Native payments that drive growth…

One Integration

Harness Banxa’s payments and compliance infrastructure via a single API

18 Payment Methods

Easily scale with access to a significant and growing number of new payment methods and markets

PSP Aggregation & Orchestration

Maximise authorisation rates with intelligent routing of card transactions across multiple PSPs 

Local Card Processing 

Achieve higher conversion rates by processing your card transactions via our local entities in the US, EU, CA and AU

Fraud Protection

Leverage our 10+ years payments experience to protect you and your customers

Protection From Chargebacks

Peace of mind with our no chargeback guarantee

...without increasing overheads

No Incorporating Entities in New Jurisdictions

Unlike many PSPs, we can accept merchants from most jurisdictions

No Acquiring Multiple VASP Licences

We hold the requisite licences to meet requirements of local payment processors and regulators in many countries globally including the US, EU, Australia and Canada

No Integrating to Multiple PSPs

Avoid wasting valuable developers resources on multiple integrations to multiple PSPs

No Extra Payments/Fraud Headcount

We remain as the merchant of record so are ultimately responsible for payment fraud and chargebacks

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