Meet the Team

We’re a global team of technology and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, experts and innovators. Since 2014 we’ve developed industry-leading payments solutions that bridge traditional finance and the digital asset space.

Giving the world equal access to digital assets continues to be our mission.

Our culture

Banxa is a community of new crypto-converts and veteran cypherpunks. We believe in the power of decentralised finance and are dedicated to providing equal access to financial opportunities for people in every part of the world.

We’re a global team spanning across 10 countries, with 4 offices: in Australia, the Netherlands, and Lithuania. In the past year, we have grown from a team of 25 to 160+ globally. We’re immensely proud of our growth, our Banxa-nians and our connected and collaborative culture.

As an up-and-coming tech unicorn in our space, we are early adopters, progressive in our approach and adaptable to the ever-changing landscape.

Join us on our mission in creating a more accessible financial future.

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Banxa Melbourne office