Easy Integration

Seamless integration for smoother growth

Our experts will implement widgets and APIs however you prefer – bridging your users to the crypto world in minutes.

Our process

We can implement in a matter of days, not months. Access the highest conversion in the market.

1. Sandbox

We’ll create a sandbox environment for testing, and answer any questions from your developers.

2. Test

When the integration is ready, we’ll test end-to-end with your team, configure the production environment, then go live.

3. Support

Once live, our customer support team will manage Banxa-related customer enquiries via live chat, 24/7.

Personalise your integration

Discover which integration is best suited to your needs.

API Redirect

User selects a payment method and amount on your platform’s interface. User wallet is provided via API to Banxa.

Button Redirect

After clicking the buy button on your site, the user is redirected to our payment flow where we manage KYC and streamline the transaction. They either enter a wallet address in Banxa or it’s provided by your API.

Widget 2.0

In development

We’re working on our updated widget 2.0 for an even smoother user experience. Sign up here to join our beta testing program.

Access the highest conversion in the market.