Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution.


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NiceHash is the largest hashpower marketplace in the world and the leading platform for mining and trading. Founded in 2014, NiceHash has seen crypto grow and grab the world’s attention and has been providing hashpower for mining, the backbone network for cryptocurrencies to operate, for many years. NiceHash has filled over 9 million hashpower orders and has customers in every country worldwide. With over 2.5 million active users, and 1 million daily miners providing hashpower that powers multiple cryptocurrencies every day, NiceHash plays a key background role in the industry. NiceHash also provides free software for mining and is well known in the mining industry for its easy to use products. On top of this, users can trade over 60 cryptocurrencies on the exchange, and use advanced trading orders such as Trailing Stop Loss and many more to minimize the risks of crypto investments.

Banxa brings our exchange to more people

Partnering with Banxa is an ideal solution for making it easier for customers to trade to and from the fiat world and get started with cryptocurrencies. Banxa also looks after compliance and regulation which is very useful in the ever-changing crypto scene.


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Crypto mining and trading in one platform


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We are delighted to announce the next phase of NiceHash’s growth as a global platform, offering cryptocurrency mining and trading services to both newcomers and experienced users. NiceHash has always had usability and simplicity at the core of our products, with the goal to encourage greater crypto adoption, bring new people and show them that crypto isn’t scary. Cryptocurrency will change how we interact worldwide, and Banxa has been pushing forwards to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto for many years. We are proud to partner with them toward the common goal of bringing crypto adoption to even more people.

Martin Škorjanc

CEO of NiceHash