Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution. Crypto Assets are not FDIC-insured products and may lose value.


Automated trading accessible to everyone.

BOTS trade better than humans

BOTS is a mobile application available for Android and iOS. With BOTS, we are making automated trading accessible to everyone. Create an account for free, choose a bot from our marketplace and get in on the action from €50.

Banxa and BOTS

Banxa has partnered with BOTS to facilitate easier transactions within the BOTS app, to start a bot and make the trading experience even more smooth and easy.

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Automated trading strategies


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Low fees

Low transaction fees

BOTS is a trading platform. Self-regulating and highly scalable. It enables investing in the broadest sense of the word. At BOTS we provide access to proprietary trading robots in crypto, stocks, durables, real estate, futures, options, ETFs, art, loans, start-ups and scale-ups. We focus on creating customer value with a broader perspective on investing, lending and value storage. BOTS provides access to prosperity for all and that will not change. Banxa is a partner who shares our mission of making trading accessible to people around the world.


CEO & Founder of BOTS