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By integrating with Banxa, we are providing a bridge between the traditional and digital currency markets, making it instrumental to our continuing growth. At we remain committed to innovation and providing an all-in-one exchange with a smooth trading experience, even for the beginner crypto trader.


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Making it easier and safer to buy cryptocurrencies is absolutely necessary for the ecosystem to grow. Partnering with Banxa opens an easy way for many Trezor users to exchange fiat for crypto, even by credit or debit card, and have coins sent directly into the secure custody of their hardware wallet.


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At Deriv, we want to bring a simple, flexible, and reliable trading experience to everyone. To do this, we need to ensure our clients have no trouble funding their Deriv account to start trading. We believe this partnership with Banxa will be a mutually rewarding collaboration that will provide even more ways for our clients to trade with cryptocurrency.


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At KuCoin, bringing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to the masses is our ultimate goal. To this end, offering more fiat to crypto gateways will provide a robust boost. We are delighted to join hands with Banxa to provide our users a much easier way into the crypto world!


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Bybit has always believed in the ethos of Listen, Care, and Improve. Our users have been requesting the option to purchase crypto on our platform via fiat, and we listened. We took our time searching for the right partner, and when we linked up with Banxa, their track record in the industry gave us the assurance that we needed for our clients to have a peace of mind when conducting fiat-to-crypto transactions on our platform.


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