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BOTS is a trading platform. Self-regulating and highly scalable. It enables investing in the broadest sense of the word. At BOTS we provide access to proprietary trading robots in crypto, stocks, durables, real estate, futures, options, ETFs, art, loans, start-ups and scale-ups. We focus on creating customer value with a broader perspective on investing, lending and value storage. BOTS provides access to prosperity for all and that will not change. Banxa is a partner who shares our mission of making trading accessible to people around the world.


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BitYard is committed to building a platform to allow everyone to trade cryptocurrencies easily. In addition to professional trading services and a clear, straightforward user interface, we believe that a convenient deposit system is also an important feature to make our platform more user-friendly. We hope that our partnership with Banxa will help more people quickly join the global cryptocurrency community.

Anna ChangBD Director at BitYard

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CoolBitX is proud to dedicate ourselves to providing secure and convenient solutions to the blockchain community. By fully integrating Banxa’s platform into our revolutionary Bluetooth hardware wallet, CoolWallet S, we are able to provide the community with both a safe and user-friendly way to convert their fiat into crypto. This exciting partnership allows our users to have more options and flexibility when purchasing crypto, all conveniently in our app.


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Making it easier and safer to buy cryptocurrencies is absolutely necessary for the ecosystem to grow. Partnering with Banxa opens an easy way for many Trezor users to exchange fiat for crypto, even by credit or debit card, and have coins sent directly into the secure custody of their hardware wallet.


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By integrating with Banxa, we are providing a bridge between the traditional and digital currency markets, making it instrumental to our continuing growth. At we remain committed to innovation and providing an all-in-one exchange with a smooth trading experience, even for the beginner crypto trader.


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