Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorised deposit taking institution. Crypto Assets are not FDIC-insured products and may lose value.


Trade beyond limits

BanxaPro is a high-volume cryptocurrency trading service offered by Banxa for professional traders and institutions who require transaction limits greater than $100K per month, with the lowest fees.

With BanxaPro, users can access unlimited trading potential and unlock the full potential of the cryptocurrency market. It offers tighter spreads and a more private, personalized service for institutional clients and high net-worth individuals needing to place large orders.

Built by experts

Work with leaders in the industry

Banxa, an industry leader in cryptocurrency payment and trading, has built a reputation for excellence and innovation since 2014.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We hold an arsenal of licenses and registrations globally including USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, and more.

Our dedication towards the protection of our customers ensure that people can use our services with confidence, knowing that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

Pay locally, with lower fees

Access our network of local payment methods

BanxaPro connects sophisticated investors with the largest range of global and local payment methods available in the cryptocurrency market.

Banxa has over 20 local payment methods, making it perfect for individuals who want to purchase or sell large amounts of crypto currency and not pay the credit card fees.

With BanxaPro, investors can enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience in their trading activities.

Access Deep Liquidity

Execute large orders with confidence

BanxaPro’s network of leading centralized exchanges provides deep liquidity for high-volume cryptocurrency trading, allowing sophisticated investors to execute trades quickly and efficiently.

Our carefully selected partners offer competitive prices and the best settlement times, ensuring users can access the liquidity they need with confidence.

With BanxaPro, investors can enjoy the benefits of our exchange network for their high-volume cryptocurrency trades.

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