About Us

Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorized deposit taking institution

Who we are

About Banxa

In 2010, a captivating idea began to spread: a future where every company was a fintech company. As the theory took hold, a related concept emerged: “embedded finance,” where financial products such as payment technology are folded seamlessly into a customer’s journey. Over the last decade, companies were inspired by these bold ideas and built transformational businesses. Rather than asking, “what finance products can we build that people will use,” these innovators instead wondered, “what can we enable our partners to build?” This thinking paved the way for a wave of embedded finance success stories, including Uber, Doordash, and many more.

Our mission

To build the infrastructure to extend the benefits of crypto to every merchant and consumer in the world.

Our vision

Enable users to transact and companies to grow by providing access to global borderless transactions with a seamless user experience.

Our purpose

To advance a trustworthy and inclusive global financial system, empowering merchants and individuals alike, through the frictionless flow and exchange of digital assets, by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Through its focus on compliance, interoperability, and ease of use, Banxa fosters a more democratic financial landscape, where innovative solutions can thrive.

Our global team

Meet our team

We’re a team of new crypto-converts and veteran cypherpunks. Whilst our bangin’ headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia, our connected and collaborative culture means we have offices in the US, Netherlands and Lithuania and people stretched far and few between!

Our culture

We’re a global team of technology and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, experts and innovators.We believe in the power of decentralised finance and are dedicated to providing equal access to financial opportunities for people in every part of the world. We favour progress over perfection, we’re insatiably curious and we’re transparent with our customers – their success is ours, after all!

& respect

We are radically candid and respectfully honest. We care sincerely about each other and our work.


If you see it, you can do it – ownership is yours We get things done, we don’t brainstorm everything


We are insatiably curious and love to learn. Who cares about opinions? We care about data.

Customer excellence
& advocacy

We are customer centric in everything we do. We solve hard problems for our customers.

Our leadership team